The 201 Gigapixel Image :)

German Company Aerowest is providing Openstreetmap with high resolution Images.

Once again I have been doing most of the technical work which needed to be done behind the scenes. While has been up and running for a few weeks now I still had to do some stuff to get the things going.

First of all I converted the mapscript from the older mod_python to the state of the art mod_wsgi. Furthermore the script has been extended to allow for individual copyright-watermarks based on mapfile entries. Tiles generated for Potlatch are now cached using the Apache Module mod_disk_cache.

The aerial image itself came as a raster image of 201 Gigapixels in the very good (in terms of image compression) but proprietary ECW-format. For legal reasons we are now using another format for actually serving the image (eating a huge 675 Gigabytes of disk-space) because the proprietary license of libecwj2 does not state very clearly if we are allowed to use it in our setup or not.