More updates on Open Camping Map

While looking at current campsite tagging I came across a very common mistake which is nested campsite objects as shown on the map above.

The problem with such a tagging is that it is unclear for a data consumer like my map what this is supposed to mean if a node tagged tourism = camp_site resides inside a polygon also tagged tourism = camp_site.

For this reason this is now shown as a bug in Open Camping Map. Please do not nest such objects but use a polygon only and no additional node tagged tourism = camp_site. Unfortunately there are currently about 3000 campsites with such an inconsistent tagging!

However I did not only add more stuff to the bug view. I also added rendering for a few more amenities in Zoomlevel 19. These are sanitary_dump_station, water_point and drinking_water (the same icon is currently used for both).

Happy campsite mapping!