The state of campsite tagging in OSM

Back in 2019 when I started Open Camping Map a relevant part of my motivation to create this site was that this might help motivating mappers to improve the then very poor tagging state. Now about five years later I was wondering if this actually worked. So I extracted the development of campsite tagging of the last 10 years from Openstreetmap-data using Osmium and osm2pgsql.

So here are the results.

Looking at sites with insufficient tagging (mostly only a name tagged and nothing else) we have now only 47% compared to 70% 10 years ago (absolute number of campsites is roughly three times higher). So unfortunately still a lot of work to do with 81880 sites insufficiently tagged. If you wonder what I consider completely insufficient, well these are sites which are solely tagged tourism=camp_site without any further information at all. BTW, all completely insufficient sites are of course also insufficient sites.

Unfortunately we do not see an impact of the advent of Open Camping Map in January 2019. So did my map really not help improve tagging at all?

Well there is a bit of an impact, but frankly I would have hoped it would be bigger. The impact can be recognized on my second chart which shows the tags which I consider the most important ones.

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