My subjective perception of the impact of the OSM licence change

As most of my readers will probably know Openstreetmap is in progress to change it’s licence to a less restrictive one (at least from a data users perspective). Fortunately this will likely remain the only Openstreetmap licence change in my livetime well at least the only invasive one.

Today the so called redaction bot finished its work leaving the database in a state where most of the data origins from people which approved the new licence.

The Place where I live (Karlsruhe/Germany) has been one of the places to be fully mapped at a fairly early state of the project.
And ss with the rest of Germany most of the stuff originates from crowdsourcing work.

This turned out to be a huge advantage compared to places likeSydneywhere quite a lot of data has been imported from sources which did partly not agree with the licence change and which looks quite messy now.

While Karlsruhe also looks quite bad on theredaction bot view of OSM Inspector it does not look that bad if you check the details.

The red stuff mainly originates from one mapper doing quite a lot of public transport stuff, which lost some details now here and there, but most parts of the map are still quite intact.

But after all this is mostly what I would have expected, so here comes what I did not expect at all:

Back in 2009 I mapped two long-distance cycle tracks and last sommer we mapped another one while I was cycling with Christoph.

So this evening I decided to repair these relations and based on the fact that every single one of them is roughly 150km long I expected that this would be a lot of work.

This proved to be completely wrong. I did have to fix next to nothing on any of the three relations. Only one licence change related fix in all of them!

So instead of fixing bugs caused by OSM licence change I spend my evening writing silly blog postings like this one 🙂

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  1. In Belgium, we are in the same situation. Never received a single bit of data from a company, and look at our map:,bot_point_superseded,bot_line_superseded_cp,bot_line_superseded,bot_point_modified,bot_line_modified_cp,bot_line_modified,bot_point_deleted,bot_line_deleted_cp,bot_line_deleted

    Only some motorway nodes are affected. That’s the easiest things you can have to repair as everyone knows those.

  2. The loss (in km terms) between 10.07. and 22.07. was 0.8% (13,848km) in Germany…Not a big deal. Poland was hit very hard. 21% (95,000km) of their ways were deleted.

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