Why development of German OSM Carto style is currently stuck.

I am the Maintainer of the German Style OSM Carto fork and operator of http://tile.openstreetmap.de for a couple of years now. Usually I try to follow upstream releases as fast as possible to make sure that the fork keeps as close to upstream as possible.

However, back in March OSM Carto v5.0.0 has been released which requires a reimport of the osm2pgsql database. As doing this is a lot of work for my small two-server setup maintained by a single person I decided to combine this reimport with a new Approach for map localization I have been thinking about for some time. The code is designed for the new osm2pgsql Flex Backend introduced by Jochen Topf in February. Unfortunately I did not look closely enough at the Flex Backends documentation. I missed the fact, that the get_bbox()function is currently not available on relations which would force me to disable localization for relations. I decided against doing this for now in the hope that Jochen will add this missing feature to his code soon. If this situation will persist till the end of the year I will likely have to think about another solution, but for now we will unfortunately just have to wait.